How to Quickly Deflate Inflatable Toys

Time to let the air out of that cool beach ball. Oh, rats. It has one of those safety valves you have to pinch. This will take forever. Wait, here’s a great idea!

The advent of the safety valve in inflatable toys was a truly game-changing invention. Instead of pinching off the valve to take a breath while you’re blowing up the toy, now you simply take your breath. The safety valve slips into place to keep the air already inside the toy from escaping.

To let the air out, however, is kind of difficult. You need to pinch the valve so that the safety valve squeezes open, and the press the toy until the air comes out. It is annoying, and it takes forever. And it’s almost impossible to get all of the air out.

The advent of the stainless steel drinking straw is another game-changer. No more plastic straws washing out to sea and strangling fish. No more landfill waste. They’re the perfect design – long, straight, stainless, and smooth on the ends so as not to hurt you.

They are also ideally sized to fit inside the air valve on most inflatable toys.

Pushing a stainless steel straw into the valve on your inflatable toy is a great way to let the air out.

Carefully push the stainless steel straw into the air valve, so that the safety valve is shoved out of the way. Be careful – try not to jab the walls of the toy. It may take a little force, but you can do it.

Once the straw is in place, out goes the air. No pinching. No swearing. No time wasted.

A flat beach ball.

When the toy is flat, quickly remove the straw. Surprisingly, the straw lets air in as well as out! Replace the cap on the air valve, and you’re done.

Please note: do not do this procedure if you are not certain that you can complete it safely, or if it doesn’t seem accurate. Skippity Whistles provides this information as advice, and cannot accept any liability for your usage of it.


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