How to Clear Your Pool Pump Impeller

If the pressure in your swimming pool filter looks correct, but the water doesn’t seem to be moving through it very quickly, it could be that your pool pump’s impeller is clogged.

How to Clean Your Pool Filter

If you’re battling an algae bloom in your pool, a lot of online and pool cleaning product instructions tell you to “clean your pool filter.” That’s all fine and well if you know how to do that, but what if you’ve never done it before?

How to Check Your Oil

If it seems like maybe it’s been awhile since anyone’s paid any attention to the motor in your car, a good thing to do is check the oil.

How to Add Windshield Washer Fluid

You come out to the car in the morning, get inside and start it up, and it looks like a dust storm has settled on your windshield. Or something on the road ahead of you splatters onto it. Or the world’s largest bird seems to have graced your car with a gift.