How to Use a Wood Screw that’s too Short

You’re working away, building whatever it is you’re building, and ready to screw this piece of wood to that one and… oh, rats. The screws are, like, half an inch too short! Countersinking, my friend! Countersink!

How to Fix a GE Washing Machine Drain Pump

You’re washing your swimsuits in your newer top-loading GE washing machine – the kind that senses the size of the load for you. It washes and washes, but then, when it comes time to rinse and spin, it just stops. It looks like it’s running, but it’s not doing a darned thing. That’s because it’sContinue reading “How to Fix a GE Washing Machine Drain Pump”

How to Reset a Circuit Breaker

Fifteen seconds ought to be long enough to warm the syrup in the microwave. You push START, and the whole kitchen is plunged into stone-age darkness. What happened?