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How to Check Your Brake Fluid

Brakes feeling mushy? Before you see a mechanic, try this. Illustrations coming soon!

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How to Add Windshield Washer Fluid

Bug off! Oh, but maybe the fluid’s low. This is quick and easy and costs about three bucks!

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A battery in place in a car's engine compartment.

How to Replace a Car Battery

You know when it’s time – the beast won’t start, or it starts slower and slower, or your mechanic says “one of these days…” Here’s how, and it’s easy.

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How to Fix a Check Engine Light

Drat! The check engine light just winked on, and won’t go off! Read this before you drive to the shop!

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An engine oil dipstick and an oil-filler cap.

How to Check Your Oil

If you need to check your oil, or just want to, here’s how you do it.

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How to Fix a Tire Pressure Light

What is that, King Neptune’s trident? No, it’s low pressure in a tire! AHHH! Read this and relax.

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How to Replace a Headlight

If you need to replace a headlight, it’s pretty easy. This article shows you the steps

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