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If it ain’t broke, fix it ’til it is.


A schematic of a ceiling fixture.

How to Replace a Light Fixture

Switching out that old light fixture is way easier than it looks!

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It's easy to replace a standard wall switch like this one.

How to Replace a Light Switch

When the lights don’t come on as you expect, and you’ve replaced the bulb, chances are good it’s the switch. Switching it out isn’t hard.

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How to Coil an Extension Cord

If you have a long extension cord, you know frustrating this can be. Sadly, this is on the rough draft of the article, which will be coming soon.

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Wrap a wire nut connection with tape.

How to Use Wire Nuts

This is so easy, you’ll be the wire-nut master in a matter of minutes!

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If it has two push-buttons, it's a GFCI socket.

How to Fix a Push-Button Plug

Electricians call them GFCI receptacles, but they look like a pushbutton. Here’s how to reset it.

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This is the master breaker on this circuit breaker panel.

How to Reset a Circuit Breaker

Coming soon, all the details on resetting a circuit breaker. For now, here’s the rough draft.

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Use linesman pliers to strip a wire.

How to Strip a Wire

Coming soon! You can be among the first to read the rough draft!

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This extension cord is badly frayed and dangerous.

How to Tell if an Extension Cord is Bad

Before you plug that thing in, take a look at the cord! Here’s what to suspect if your cord seems suspect.

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