How to Skippity

How to Life.

That’s the SW mantra. Just like everybody else, we’re trying to answer those daily “how do I…?” and “what do I…?” questions, and are sharing the answers with you.

John is our editor and primary illustrator, while Suzanne, Emily, Declan, Ceren, and Olivia are our principal writers. Some of us are homeowners, others are apartment dwellers. One’s a professional writer, a couple of us are in management, a couple more are in data management, and a couple more are in marketing. Two of us are, and soon to be three, are students. Between us, we’ve got over a hundred years of how-to experience to discuss with you. That’s our simple mission: share everything we’ve learned, and what we’re continuing to learn with you.

The genesis for the Skippity Whistles mission came from the realization that there’s a ton of old-school technology that needs an instruction manual. Stuff your mom and dad might have explained to you, but, hey, that was a long time ago.

Skippity Whistles gets its name from a fellow who wandered the banks of the Sacramento River one foggy, autumnal afternoon, dancing and blowing on a native American flute. He was a chap performing some arcane ritual known only to him and a very few others, and he earned the nickname Skippity Whistles.

Our explanations are thoroughly tested, and all based on real world experience. We try to make it clear when what you’re looking at is a rough draft. We publish those, too, in the hope that even that can be helpful if you’re in a bind.

Come back and visit often – we’re forever adding more helpful hints, all designed to help you life.

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