How to Fix a Seeping Toilet

Here’s a quick, inexpensive way to fix a running toilet. 

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How to Replace a Shower Head

The shower that person takes in the movie looks so invigorating! How come yours isn’t like that? It’s the shower head, of course. Good news! It’s easy to replace a shower head, and here’s how you do it.

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How to Fix an Overflowing Toilet

Darn, the toilet is overflowing!  It’s all stopped up! When you’re done yelling at whoever left it like that, here’s what you do.

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How to Reset a Circuit Breaker

The coffee maker’s gurgling away, and the waffle iron is steaming away, and you decide it would a great idea to warm up some syrup in the microwave. Fifteen seconds ought to do it. You push START, and the whole kitchen is plunged into stone-age darkness.  What happened?

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How to Coil an Extension Cord

How come this extension cord is always all tangled up? It’s like some sailor was practicing his knots with it! Well, there are several ways to coil an extension cord to avoid the Gourdian knot in the center, but they all involve making standardized loops. Here’s one way that works really well. This is used in sound and television production.

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How to Tell if an Extension Cord is Bad

You plug your groovy ’90’s boom box into the extension cord, but it doesn’t work. Is it the boom box power cord, the extension cord, or the boom box itself?

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How to Replace a Light Switch

If the bulb in the bathroom doesn’t blink on, but it works in a different lamp, chances are that the switch has gone bad. Here’s how you replace it.

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How to Strip a Wire

Eventually, the day will come when you have to strip a wire.

Stripping a wire means removing a section of the insulating plastic cover to expose the electrical conductor underneath. It’s not hard, but it does take a little practice.

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How to Use Wire Nuts

You’d really like to connect these two wires, but just twisting them together seems kind of temporary. Here’s how to use a wire nut to make a firm, safe, and long-lasting connection.

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