How to BEST Practices!!!

This is just an infomercial, but Skippity Whistles now has a best practices page called How to BEST.

Take a look. It’s a ever-growing swarm of ideas that are too short for a post, but too good to leave in the gutter!

How to Choose the Right Wrench

Before we answer the question of which wrench, let’s identify the real question: what task are you trying to accomplish?

Here are some quick and easy pointers that should help.

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How to Use a Chisel

The chisel is an old-school woodworking tool – like Pilgrims and settlers old. But what do you do with it? And how do you use it?

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How to Remove the C-Column Trim Panel on a 2006 Ford Freestyle

This post is rather specific, but will guide you through how to remove this interior trim panel. It may be helpful as a general guide to removing other parts of your car’s interior. With all interior trim pieces, the key is to learn where the screws are.

So, which column is the C-column? The windshield is the A-column, the B-Column is between the front and rear doors, the C-column on an SUV, or crossover like the Freestyle, is behind the rear door, and the D- column is at the back.

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How to Use a Wood Screw that’s too Short

You’re working away, building whatever it is you’re building, and ready to screw this piece of wood to that one and… oh, rats. The screws are, like, half an inch too short!

Countersinking, my friend! Countersink!

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How to Make Your Own French Fries

If you can heat oil in a pan, you can make your own crispy, golden brown, delicious fries in just a few minutes! All you need is some simple kitchen tools, a couple of potatoes, some cooking oil, and a sharp knife.

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How to Fix a GE Washing Machine Drain Pump

You’re washing your swimsuits in your newer top-loading GE washing machine – the kind that senses the size of the load for you. It washes and washes, but then, when it comes time to rinse and spin, it just stops. It looks like it’s running, but it’s not doing a darned thing. That’s because it’s waiting for the drain pump.

There’s a good chance that the drain pump is merely stuck. You can unstick yourself and get back in business in about ten minutes.

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How to Drill into Sheet Metal

If you’d like to hang that nice piece of sheet steel on the wall to hold your magnets, you may need to drill some holes in the corners. Here’s an easy and safe way to do it.

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How to Make Your Own Microwave Popcorn

What do you do when you want popcorn, but you don’t have any prepackaged microwave popcorn? If you have a jar of popcorn kernels and a bowl, you are on your way to popcorn nirvana! This is so easy, you’ll never go back to buying prepackaged microwave popcorn again.

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