How to Recycle Used Batteries

There’s an old adage about everything in it’s place, et cetera, et cetera. Turns out, it works!

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How to Make a Selfie Mount for Your Bike

You can buy any number of different cell phone mounts for your bicycle, and they all work pretty well. But what if you want a medium shot? A long shot? Here’s a way to do it.

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How to Make a Bicycling Video Video

No, it’s not a typo in the title, because this is not a post on how to make bicycling video. It’s a video on how to make video, but it’s not really that kind of video, either.

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How to Survive Your First Day of Work

When you show up for work at your first job, it’s hard to know what to expect. In school things were pretty straightforward – you went to classes that were led by a teacher. The working world is a little different.

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How to Choose the Right Wrench

Before we answer the question of which wrench, let’s identify the real question: what task are you trying to accomplish?

Here are some quick and easy pointers that should help.

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How to Use a Chisel

The chisel is an old-school woodworking tool – like Pilgrims and settlers old. But what do you do with it? And how do you use it?

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How to Remove the C-Column Trim Panel on a 2006 Ford Freestyle

This post is rather specific, but will guide you through how to remove this interior trim panel. It may be helpful as a general guide to removing other parts of your car’s interior. With all interior trim pieces, the key is to learn where the screws are.

So, which column is the C-column? The windshield is the A-column, the B-Column is between the front and rear doors, the C-column on an SUV, or crossover like the Freestyle, is behind the rear door, and the D- column is at the back.

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