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How to Wrenches

How to Use Locking Pliers

First off, what the heck are locking pliers? These ingenious devices are the jacks of all trades, masters of quite a few, and something you should rush right out and buy.

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How to Foods

How to Make Easy French Toast

French toast is a great way to start a Saturday morning, or cap off a Saturday night. It’s rich, buttery, and surprisingly easy to make!

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How to Kitchens

How to Clean Your Burr Coffee Grinder

The instructions that came with it say you should clean out your burr grinder. All fine and well, but exactly how to do it? Here’s how:

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How to Fixes

How to Quickly Deflate Inflatable Toys

Time to let the air out of that cool beach ball. Oh, rats. It has one of those safety valves you have to pinch. This will take forever. Wait, here’s a great idea!

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How to Cars

How to Remove the C-Column Trim Panel on a 2006 Ford Freestyle

This post is rather specific, but will guide you through how to remove this interior trim panel. So, which column is the C-column? 

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How to Pedals

How to Make a Selfie Mount for Your Bike

You can buy any number of different cell phone mounts for your bicycle, and they all work pretty well. But what if you want a medium shot? A long shot? Here’s a way to do it.

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How to Flushes

How to Stop a Kohler Toilet from Weeping

If your bathroom features a fixture with a bold look, and the toilet seems to randomly whoosh with a refill on its own every now and again, you may be tempted to replace the inner workings. But wait: you may not have to!

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How to Swimming

How to Unstick your PoolVac

Why isn’t your Hayward Pool Vac Ultra pool vacuum skimming across the bottom like it ought to? Maybe there’s something stuck in it. Here’s how to get it unstuck.

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How to Houseworks

How to Remove a Door

That big overstuffed chair would look great in this room, but you just can’t get it through the doorway – all you need is another two inches of clearance. Easy! Take off the door!

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How to Succeeds

How to Recycle Used Batteries

There’s an old adage about everything in it’s place, et cetera, et cetera. Turns out, it’s true!

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How to Skippity

How to Life. That’s the SW mantra. Just like everybody else, we’re trying to answer those daily “how do I…?” and “what do I…?” questions, and are sharing the answers with you.

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How to Best

Here you’ll find our best practices, ideas and suggestions on how to do the very best of everything. Okay, that’s a little thick… they’re really just good ideas.

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This curious phenomenon occurred while we were making a video about shifting gears on a bicycle. We hope you enjoy it!

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How to Use a Wood Screw that’s too Short

You’re working away, building whatever it is you’re building, and ready to screw this piece of wood to that one and… oh, rats. The screws are, like, half an inch too short! Countersinking, my friend! Countersink!

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